Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Brother HOH Competition - Part 2

Ian vs Danielle

The Winner:


Apparently, on the last competition Dan didn't only convince Danielle to throw it to him, but also Ian.  What idiots!  Ian has been questioning if Dani threw part 1 of the competition to Dan.   Dani isn't smart enough to question if Ian threw it.  Danielle has been lying to Ian about taking him to the final two, as per request of Dan. She is pretending to be mad at Dan, when she should be mad at him and doing everything she can to send him out the door.  After all the lies Dan has given Dani, she still trusts him, even after a night of crying caused by his last lie (sending Shane home).   Dan has been counting jury votes and contemplating throwing part 3 of the HOH so he doesn't have to send out one of the final 3 in hopes of winning their jury vote.  I would love, love, love to see Dan throw it and to see it backfire on him and be sent to jury!  Hopefully Dani & Ian will learn from each other that they are both being played by Dan and turn on him before the finale on Wednesday.

So Ian won Part 2, Danielle is yelling at Ian and I'm not sure if what she is saying is from Dan's mouth or her own since she's a puppet.  Someone is pissed for real, since she's alone with this expression:

Loser, Loser, Dani!

Hey, Dani, why'd you throw Part 1 to Dan, stupid!  You only have yourself to blame, so stop yelling at poor little Ian!  Dan & Ian did a victory dance.  Ian was pacing because of the stress of Dani yelling at him.   Ian is taking a shower.  Dani is sitting around with the above angry face and shortly after eating cereal.  Dan doesn't look happy now, not sure what is going on with him, perhaps he's afraid Ian will win part 3 also and take Dani instead of him to the final 2. Ian is taking a really long shower and since there is only one shower, Dani is waiting in the kitchen alone still looking angry.  Dan is walking around looking nervous.  Ian & Dan do another victory dance in kitchen and eat.  Someone please cut Dan's headband & plastic bracelets off for me, they irritate me so!  Ian thinks the "Dairy Room" aka production is calming down Dani.  He says this while he's rocking back and forth on the kitchen chair!  Dan may have thought Dani & Ian were under his power to throw part 2, but from the looks of it, they both played hard and wanted to win part 2.  Dan thinks he can get Ian to throw part 3 also to him.  Think again Dan, not going to happen and this is why Dan is nervous now.

Victory Dance - Dan & Ian

contrast that with:

Dan & Crying Loser Dani

Isn't Dan wonderful, he has everyone's back. NOT!  Dan goes back to the living room and laughs with Ian, "don't doubt the renegade" while Dani is crying in the bathroom:

She went to the bedroom to lay down and cry some more while reading her HOH letters.  Dan is laying on the sofa looking nervous while Ian continues to rock on the kitchen chair.  Dan says "she's not guilting you into taking her right?"  Confirmation that Dan is nervous!   Dan leaves, Ian rocks some more and mumbles to himself.  Dan returns to the kitchen table after pacing and they talk about jury votes.  Dani is on the bed crying saying "I'm so disappointed in myself", also says "I'm so depressed" and "I just want this to be over, over."  Normally I'd feel sorry for her, but after throwing the competition to Dan and believing his lies over and over even after he has proven to be a liar, sorry can't be a supporter, Dani!

Update - Sunday starts with no one speaking to Dani.  Dan finally speaks to her in the kitchen and she goes from crying and saying she's depressed to angry. Apparently, they had to be weighted before the start of the competition last night and that set her off because she had gained weight while being in the house and had anorexia three years ago.   She just keeps saying she hates Ian and that he is a little devil and she can't stand him.  Her anger is misdirected, she should be angry at Dan for convincing her to throw part 1 of the competition. She then went on to make physical threats towards Ian though he wasn't in the room and the four camera views move to Ian swinging on the hammock.  They must be informing her that she can't make physical threats. Though when Dan threatens to rip people's faces off nothing is done.  I guess he gets away with it because he's a fan favorite and Dani isn't liked by most fans of the show.  It was amusing watching Dan be so cold towards Dani now that Dani has no power, though she will have a jury vote.  I guess it was all an act and Dan is really sick of Dani and her whining.  When the crying depressed act didn't work she went to anger and Dan was just laughing at her!  Yes, it's confirmed, Dani is in the Diary Room.  If you want to see Dani's tantrum, flashback to around 12:30 pm to 1 pm. It slowly starts when Dan starts cooking and escalates when Dan sits down to eat.  Dan has been talking about throwing part 3 to Ian, so that Ian has to send Dani to jury in hopes of ensuring Dani's vote. Dan's not sure he has enough jury votes to win. Dani returned from the Diary Room after one and a half hours. She spoke very little and  is very mopey.   She told Dan she spoke to three different people because they felt bad for her because of last night.  Dan asks if she took any happy pills aka Xanax, she said no.  Four more days till the finale!  Go Ian!

Have a PEACEful Day!

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