Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Brother 2nd HOH Competition for Thursday!

The Winner of HOH is:


The second HOH competition for Thursday, September 6th started only 1 1/2 hours after the first one!  It's going on right now and I'll update with the winner, which should be in about an hour.  They have to finish it before Big Brother After Dark starts on Showtime at 1 AM ET.

Update:  Winner is Ian! He's sitting at the kitchen table carving his win into his water thermos. Dani is crying and apologizing to Dan for not winning HOH. Is that her game play, to cry?  This time I saw no tears.  I get sick of her crying or pretending to!  Dan squirming, why? He just made a final two deal with Ian an hour ago, read previous post for details.  Love to see Dan squirm!  Here, you can enjoy it too:

Worried Dan!

Jenn is angry, she says she almost won and "the little bastard is going to put me up".  Dan tells her she can win POV.  Dani's delusions continue telling Jenn that Shane is following her around the house and clingy the last couple of days.  Dani, you have that backwards!  Wow, Jenn is feeding Dani's insanity saying Shane is jealous. Dani is apologizing to Jenn now for not winning.  Huh?  Jenn had a chance to win too!  Jenn says she will be going on the block with Dan because Ian thinks they are working together.  Ian's rocking at the kitchen table:

See the HOH key?  Ian's the new HOH

Later, Ian is walking around in the bedroom alone with his stuffed animal snake named "Snakey" around his neck plotting his next move, again pacing like a caged animal.  Dan enters the room to find out what his plan is.  Ian says I have to put you or Shane up, Dan leaves.  We shall see, a lot can change quickly in this game.  Based on his pacing, I'm guessing the producers told him he needs to nominate two people very soon.  He keeps saying over and over what he said to Joe when he used the POV,  "Joe I wish I had more than one of these jokers".  He's so proud of that statement, even though he stole it from Frank!  Now he's says over and over "one or two more comps and my family has a better life".  The rest of the house guests are playing poker in the kitchen.  Dan enters the bedroom again and tells Ian what to do.  Come on Ian, come up with your own nominations!  Dan says to put up Jenn & Shane, Danielle as replacement if one comes down.  Why does everyone listen to Dan even after he puts them on the block?!?  So Dan sadly escapes nomination again it seems. Ian, Dan is your biggest threat, take him out!  Ian's pacing continues, and as usual Dan is laying down which he does 95% of time.

For fans of Big Brother Winner Will Kirby, he's on QVC right now (11:55 pm ET) selling Neutrogena, item A210085, you can see the video on their website, if you missed it.

Refresh for updates...

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