Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Brother 14 Update



On the Block:

Dan & Ian

POV Winner:


Sent to Jury:


Final Three:

Ian, Dani, Dan

Dan, Shane & Danielle are saying that the plan is to send Ian home tonight.  They are saying that they can't win sitting next to Ian in the final two. Although Dan has been campaigning to send Shane home for awhile now and Danielle has been keeping it from happening.  So my guess is Dan thinks if he's sitting next to Shane in the final two, he thinks he will lose.   Dan has been telling Ian that he's safe and not to campaign, geez!  Ian thinks he's going home.  Danielle could take Dan off the block, placing Shane on the block and Dan would vote Shane out or Danielle will keep the votes the same and Shane will vote out Ian.  But my dream would be Shane would finally get some balls and a brain and vote out Dan!  Imagine the look on Dan & Danielle's face!  My guess is Ian will be going home.  I want to see Dan go home, if he wins this year again I will be so angry.  I can't stand him using his religion to pretend to be a good person while being a rotten one.  Not a fan of Ian, but I'd prefer to see him win over Dan, Shane or Danielle.  Normally I'd be rooting for the last standing female to win, but Dani was just over the top delusional and allowed Dan to use her and treat her so badly, so I can't.  Final two deals are Shane & Danielle, Danielle & Dan, Dan & Ian.  Currently, Danielle sleeps peacefully knowing she's in the final three:

Check back later today and tonight for live updates and the answers to who goes to Jury and who the final three are...

Have a PEACEful Day!

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