Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Brother 14 Finale

And the Winner Is:



Only person that voted for Dan was stupid Dani!  Frank won America's Choice!!!!  

Backyard Interviews:

Britney really happy Ian won.

Frank says his relationship with Ashley wont continue due to distance.  Willie told them that he was going to get himself expelled.

Shane is depressed and I was wondering why.  He revealed that he went to a hotel for six days instead of jury. He says he's going home to no job and lots of bills.  Shane says his relationship with Dani wont continue due to distance and no funds to fly to see each other, since neither of them won.  

Ashley said she is proud of Ian and had him on her dream board to win.  Also, on her dream board Frankie moves to California and her spray tan business does wells.  Her website:  "Frank won 25K, get your butt to Cali".  Also, "did you see the first week Ian was in the house, awkward, so we tried to build his confidence with the date".

Joe said:  it was fun in the house, I was the oldest one,  didn't think I would get this far, so I wasn't upset when evicted.  I love Janelle and she was a great coach.  Mad Love Big Brother Cookbook and on YouTube (link to his YouTube on previous BB post) is his future.  He thought Willie was self-evicting with the head butt.

Janelle most happy with Dani leaving (Dani lied and said Janelle said Dani was fat, never happened). Possible Amazing Race in the future.  She feels bad for Dan winning second place, such a good player, would love to play like him.  Willie is so stupid, can't converse with him, nothing in common, never talk to him again.  Cheered for Frank & Dan.

Wil is so happy Ian won.  Dan played dirty, Ian was clean and classy!  He thought Dan would win.  Next Thursday his next video on YouTube (link in a previous blog post).  Jenn is a friend for life.  He's single, "put a ring on it", pointed to his finger.  Extremely funny, I wish he had been more funny in the house.

Boggie happy Ian won since he was such a superfan.  Went back to boring restaurant life.  Unhappy with the coach twist.

Jodi in sequester for a week, with hope of maybe going back.

Jenn wanted Brit or Dan to win.  Going back to NY to continue to pursue her music career.

Kara sequestered for two weeks.  She would have picked Ian to win.  Really sad she didn't get back in the house since Willie self evicted.

JoJo impressed by Ian & Dan.  Dani is a liar, Shane will be shocked when he sees it all on the internet.

Danielle thinks Ian deserved to win, but stayed loyal to Dan so she voted for him.  A nurse would be able to memorize better than a kindergarden teacher, that's why she lied about her occupation.  Loves Shane inside and out.  Says:  whoever had been my coach I would have been loyal to them.  During interview she was informed that Dan told Shane on the way out that she played him, shock (photo below).  Did Dan really say that, she asked.  She said that she & Shane definitely have a future together.  Delusional!  I hope a shrink is waiting to help her, she's going to lose it shortly!

Dan - claims he had to play a different game this time.  Not!  He played the same game last time, hiding his devil behavior behind the bible.  So happy he lost!  Loser, loser, loser!   The smile I hate:

Ian - the hammock is freaking awesome.  Frank - funny, Dan - slimey, Britney - sweet.  Thought  I would lose to Dani and Dan, but Dan had my word.  Winner!

More interviews tomorrow at 11 pm ET, so come back for more photos and updates....

Way to go Ian & Frank!

Have a PEACEful Night!

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  1. The people who voted for Ian are stupid, Dan outplayed everyone, this show is just rigged.


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