Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Brother 14 Finale Party

Big Brother Finale Party

Ian & Ashley
You can find Ashley on twitter, here.
Ian says he's spending his $500K on student loans and sunglasses.  Will return to school in January.

Howie & Ashley
Howie says he's still trying to be a meteorologist!  Geez!
He visited with Ashley because she said she had a crush on him.  Serious flirting, who does Ashley not flirt with?!?


Frank on Twitter
Buy his fan shirt here.
He's grateful for the fans.

Daniele Donato and ?, sorry I don't remember his name.  Are they a couple now?  I do remember her father being annoyed by him and I couldn't understand why she's attracted to him.

JoJo, Ashley, Frank, Wil
Frank looked very uncomfortable around drunk JoJo and over the top pushy Ashley while he drank water.  Ashley tries to get in on every interview.  I think Frank was annoyed that his interview was interrupted yet again by Ashley.

Rachel & Brandon, now married!  First couple from Big Bro married!
See their wedding photos in OK Magazine in October
and on WE TV see their September Wedding in December 15th

Unprofessional, gum in mouth.  Confirmed, friends with Janelle prior to getting on Big Brother, coached by her.

Unprofessional, gum in mouth and brought drunk friend named Bo.  It was so bad that they had to ask her for another interview without him.

Jen Johnson:
On Twitter

Still obsessed with bacon!

It's very strange that Dan, Danielle, Shane, Britney, and Jenn haven't shown up.  Joe said he went home to his family.  Boogie said he wouldn't show up, he said something about being lied to about the coach twist by the producers.  They still have invitations to Las Vegas and Seattle, so why haven't they showed up to the first part of the PR tour?!?  Guess they are not planning on returning to CBS for another job.

There are are many Survivor players showing up, I don't recognize them after watching the first season that was enough for me.  Confused as to why they would show up to a Big Brother Finale Party.

Jeff & Jordan finally show up:
Jeff has till June to propose to Jordan.  It sounds like Jeff wants to live in CA and Jordan is totally against that for the long term.

Shane & Danielle finally show up after having dinner with Jeff & Jordan:
Shane says he needs to go back to his 3 jobs and continue to pay his parents' mortgage.  Upset that Dan played the game he did because his family is going into bankruptcy and he needs the money.  While he will not speak to Dan again, he may forgive him due to his also religious background.  Wants a relationship with Dani, but the distance is an issue.  Dani says she will visit Vermont soon.  It seems they are supporting each other at the very least emotionally due to Dan using them.  They claim their relationship is real and Jeff & Jordan gave them good advice.


Britney won DR Queen - no show
Comp King or Queen - Frank
Biggest Schemer - Dan
Best Whisper - Danielle
Make a Career out of BB - Frank (yes, he will return if asked)
Best Backstabber - Dan
All Star Worthy - Ian (yes, he will return if asked)
Best Kiss Ass - Joe
Storyteller - Britney
Floater - Jenn
Cause FOF (feeds on fish) - Britney

Chelsea (Big Brother Loser) presented the awards and was so disorganized and dropped the ball many times.  I'm not impressed with who they hired to do the interviews or anything for

Have a PEACEful Night!

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