Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Brother Nomination Ceremony

On the block:

Frank & Jenn

The proof:  look at Frank & Jenn's photos on the right, no key next to their photos

I'm extremely disappointed Frank is on the block yet again.  Ian's letter from home stated that he needs to make tough decisions.  Putting Frank & Jenn on the block was not difficult, that's what the majority of the house wants. Having the balls to put up Dani & Dan would have been a tough decision.  Really a shame he didn't take his family's advice!  Does he really think taking Dan & Dani to the end will win him the game, crazy!  Oh wait, I forgot for a second he is crazy!  We're dealing with someone who rocks back and forth 90% of the day either on a chair or the hammock.  I'm grateful I'm not stuck in the house with him.  He would make me nauseous at the dinner table and I'd have to ask him to knock it off!

Also earlier today Ian opened another Pandora's box.  Apparently there was a Christmas tree and lots of presents under it.  Jessie, from a previous season, came out and took all their candy, junk food and alcohol and replaced it with healthy organic snacks.  Wonder what secret prize Ian received that he's not telling anyone about!  They were also given an upgraded hammock.  Since Ian spends most of the day swinging on it, those of us listening to the feeds are grateful because it appears that this one doesn't creak with each swing!  You could hear the old one all the way in the kitchen, so annoying.  Joe received a penalty last night for being the first one down during the HOH competition which is to play with a hula hoop every time the trumpet sounds, which is very often!  He really doesn't know how to swing a hula hoop around, so it's a pretty sad attempt when he tries.  After the nomination ceremony, they played with the toys received during pandora's box.  Ian is playing with preschool legos, really Big Brother?  This is the best you got?  So boring!  Tuning out for the night cause this is just plain crazy to sit around and watch a crazy adult play with a preschool toy!

Evicted House Guest Videos:

Brit's exit interview with Jeff
Wil's YouTube Videos

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below even if you're not on Frank's Team and Have a PEACEful Day!

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