Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Brother 14 POV Competition

Competition lasted from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm PT.  Feeds are back with:

Frank wearing a carrot outfit & had to endure the chum bath.  Have to say the carrot hat is funny!  Danielle & Brit will be cuffed to each other for 24 hours at the ankle.  Dan will be in solitary confinement for 24 hours in the have not room with music and strobe lights. Last competition made him the only have not yet they gave him champagne & cake in confinement. Dan's punishment doesn't look bad, he's having fun.  Oh, the fun is quickly over, he's not happy now.  Jenn apologized to Danielle, I'm guessing because she won POV when Danielle needed it more. Danielle was painted so she had to take a shower to remove the paint.  Sounds like the house guests shot paint at her.  Jenn's on slop for the rest of the game.  Joe made fancy slop for her, others who tried it said it tastes really good.  Ian is rocking in his chair like a mental patient, as usual.

POV winner is, make sure you are sitting down before reading this:


OMG, I can't believe she won anything!  Eating slop for the summer wins you a POV?  That's not enough punishment!  I think she may have her head shaved or Shane will before Thursday, heard something about that. Jenn is telling Frank she will not be using her POV.  She doesn't want Danielle taken off only to have Brit put up in exchange.  Can we believe her?  Frank says he can't compete in the next two HOH competitions.  Why would you do that Frank?  You didn't need that POV,  you weren't on the block!  Bad move!   I heard they had to take punishment without knowing what it would be.  So perhaps that's why he made such a big mistake.  They are saying Dan will be going home.  Can we believe them?  Ian walked in and started saying "I have bad news..." as if he was going to say he was going to take someone off the block with his POV that he won in the last competition which was the question mark claw arcade game.  So he indicated he won't use the POV, can we believe him?  Frank mentioned that he won money.

Today Joe has been stirring up the pot telling Frank that Dan said "I'll rat your ass out" to Ian during the question mark claw arcade game that they played today.  Dan was mad because Ian took the POV ball when Dan was reaching for it too.  Frank confronted Ian about it and his explanation wasn't believable.  Hopefully Frank is not forgetting what Boogie told him on the way out "don't trust Ian".  Why hasn't Dan told Frank, Jenn, & Joe that Ian is the spy and playing both sides?  He's on the block and lost POV, it's the perfect time to do so!  Last chance to save himself from eviction!

According to Danielle, Dan is mad at her and not speaking since the POV competition.  Danielle & Brit speak to Dan through the have not door and he apologizes for not winning and "letting them down". Danielle asks him if he's mad at her, long pause and some answer that Danielle & Brit couldn't make out, nor could I.

Last update till morning - Dan has been sleeping since 9 pm PT even with the loud music and strobe lights flashing on his face.  I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him.  I'm a bit concerned since he is always laying down or sleeping throughout BB14.  Wonder if he has a medical condition or on some drug with a side effect of drowsiness.  Just seems strange to me for his age.  And telling Danielle "I think I will die young in my early 30's" while she was crying making her cry more, strange!  Any thoughts on that?  Comment below...

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