Thursday, July 12, 2012

Macy's Haul - Betsey Johnson Earrings

Padded shipping envelope:
Betsey Johnson Earrings, Rose Crystal Chihuahua Drop Earrings:
 Betsey Johnson Earrings, Pinata Drop Earrings:
 Closer look of Chihuahua earrings:
Close up of Chihuahua earrings:
Close up of Piñata earrings: 
(click on photos to enlarge)

I purchased these adorable Betsey Johnson earrings online at  The pink Chihuahua dog earrings are so cute, how could I resist them and not ship them home? Then I found a coupon, but had to find another pair to qualify.  So I found the Piñata ones and added them to my cart, also too cute to resist!  The dog earrings are smaller than the black Betsey Johnson cat earrings and not as heavy, but the glitter is rough unlike the cat ones.  You can see my review on the cat earrings here.  Both pairs of earrings are so pretty and look even better in person.  On the website I had not noticed that the Piñata earrings have CZs that are aura borealis, not just clear!  Love that!  The little heart sometimes makes a very soft little bell sound which amazingly doesn't bother me.  I already received a compliment on the Piñata earrings and they match my recent dress purchases from the designer shop The Webster from Target perfectly!  So my latest favorite designer is Betsey Johnson and I've been busy buying lots of her stuff in the last couple of months including a quilted heart handbag and matching wallet, a ring and several earrings.  I find them discounted at T.J. Maxx, Little Black Bag, and Whenever possible I like to order online instead of dealing with the stress of the crowds at the malls.  Until they allow dogs in stores, I'll sit on my sofa and shop on my laptop with my dogs at my side instead!  Not to mention the coupons and rebates you get shopping online vs in stores!   I don't shop retail without using a coupon or rebate and my sources for those are: and/or Mr. Rebates or Ebates.   Good luck finding that bargain, I'm always on the hunt for one! What was the last bargain you snagged?  Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment and Have a PEACEful Day!


  1. I love those pinata earrings ^_^

  2. ty, candleashes! If you buy 'em, you'll definitely get compliments like I did! Don't forget to use mrrebates or ebates if you do. I explained those rebate sites in previous posts in June, if you're not aware of how they work check out those posts.

    1. I love ebates. Have been using it for years.
      btw this is Lana from facebook. figured I'd let you know since we cross paths so much :) I've been enjoying your blog. Also, got my Julep polish today and I think Zoya is better :/ I'll probably order a few boxes from Julep still, it's good polish, just not awesome (and so tiny >_<); but their $15/polish value is definitely way over inflated. I'm thinking $4-5, which is what the boxes seem to amount to anyway.

    2. Check out Mr. Rebates too, you get a check each month instead of quarterly. Glad you like my blog, Lana :) OPI is my fav polish, been trying some other brands lately. Yes, Julep is more expensive and someone recently brought it to my attention the bottle is smaller, less product. But it's a pretty good price if you get the monthly box & you can add more for $5 each.


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