Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zazzle's iPod Touch Case

My iPod Touch Case By Zazzle:

I'm so excited, my iPod touch case arrived the other day and it has exceeded my expectations.  Above is a photo of my custom iPod touch case from Zazzle.  It features a photo of my Maltese, Leo.  The photo quality is wonderful.  It's so adorable.  I looked everywhere for an iPod touch case for several years.  I'm very picky.  Finally found this website where you can place your own photo on a cover for your device.  Not just iPod touch, but they can also make one for your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle, etc.  They also have clothing, mugs, calendars, you name it.  You can order this exact iPod touch case in my store, click here.  Shipping time was really fast, mine arrived in only 5 business days, incredible!  Now I'm going back to figure out what other items I want to order now that I know the quality is excellent.  Comments welcome.  Thanks for reading and Have a PEACEful Day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th of July Nails 2012

4th of July Nails:

Products Used:
Orly's Manicure Keeper, Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson's Too Too Turq (blue) and Pushing Your Luck (red), Konad's white stamping polish, Seche Vite's top coat

  1. Use nail polish remover on your nails to remove any oils, etc that will make your nails chip.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Orly's rubberized base coat.  Let dry about 5 mins.
  3. Apply 2 coats of Betsey Johnson's red polish (Pushing Your Luck) from Sephora and 1 coat of Seche Vite's top coat.  Wait to dry at least 1/2 an hour, I waited 1 hour.
  4. Use a piece of scotch tape to make a diagonal line covering the upper 1/2 of the nail.  As per this tutorial, click here.
  5. Apply Betsey Johnson's blue polish to the area below the scotch tape on the lower 1/2 of the nail.  Apply 1-2 coats, making sure red doesn't show through.  Remove scotch tape slowly. Use a dotting tool dipped in red to correct any errors on that line, if any of the blue seeped through the bottom of the tape.  Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite's top coat.  Wait at least 1/2 an hour.
  6. Using Bundle Monsters image plate BM14, apply Konad's white polish to the stars on the plate and using Konad's scraper, scrape off.  Using Konad's rubber stamp, roll onto plate.  Roll the rubber stamp over your nail being careful to get it in the correct spot, only on the blue polish.  This is something you should practice on your nails prior to going through all the steps.
  7. Apply another coat of Seche Vite's top coat.  
As days go by, check for wear on the edge of your nails and apply a small amount of the blue polish to the edge, then apply another coat of Seche Vite.  I apply another coat of Seche Vite about 2-3 times a week depending on my activities.  My last creation lasted 19 days with this technique!  Without the rubberized top coat and Seche Vite's top coat this manicure will not last very long at all.  So these 2 products are a must.  You can find everything you need at 2 stores: and Sephora.  Oh course you don't have to use the exact same polishes I used.  Sally Hansen makes some bright colors you can find at Target.  If you give this manicure a try, please let me know!  Comments welcome.  Thanks for reading and Happy 4th of July!  Have a PEACEful Day!

Bully Sticks Bargain - Doggyloot

Bully Sticks on sale today $18 for 10, free shipping! Such an incredible bargain, since you can pay $3-4 for one in most stores. My shipment came today and Teddy and Leo have been chewing for hours. They also have auto delivery. Ours is set to send 1 bag per month. Get them now at: Doggyloot   $5 off your first order!  The sale is for today only.  This site is one of those that changes the deals each day. They are exactly like the ones in the pet stores, but my dogs seem to like these more. They look the same, but they are chewing on them for way longer than the ones we bought before.  They are so good for their teeth.  I wish our Shih-Tzus would chew on them, they are such lazy chewers.    The Malteses love to chew.  Leo immediately knew what was in the envelope when they arrived today, alerted Teddy and the excitement began. Love to make them happy!  

Leo checking out the Bully Sticks:

So here's the info on these Bully Sticks:

Delicious, long-lasting, and all-natural - can a pup ever have too many bully sticks? We like to think the answer is no. We're bringing you a 10-pack of six-inch bully sticks at a 58% discount - shipping included! We know dog owners love a healthy, reliable, nutritious option - and so do your pups! These wholesome chews are low in fat, high in protein, and guaranteed low-odor (so they won't stink to high heaven when chewed). They're also 100% natural and digestible - unlike chemically treated rawhides. Each stick comes from free-range New Zealand cattle raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones and is produced in a USDA-approved facility for a healthy, happy pup and a worry-free owner.

Monday, June 25, 2012

BarkBox - June 2012

My 1st Barkbox for my wuffies:
 Outside of box
 Inside of box

 Contents of box
 Inside of Box

 Side of box

 Leo checking out the box
 Leo waiting for a cookie
 Leo getting his cookie!
 Cookie time!
(click on photos to enlarge)

Barkbox is a monthly subscription service in which you will receive a box of goodies for your wuffie each month for $25.00.  Included in this box:

1.  Soggy Paws dog towel by Farfetched (
2. Tumbleweed and Eddie's Double Nut Super Boost treats (
3.  Safemade Gimme Gummy toy and treat mold (
4.  Mr. Barksmiths Pop this Cool Treat (
5.  Stella & Chewy's freeze dried food (

The towel is unique because it is a rectangular shape with a pocket at each end to slip your hands into.  All four of my dogs loved the treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie's.  Leo requested that his be broken in half, because he felt it was too big.  The others didn't request that and just gobbled it up and were asking for more afterwards.  My dogs are very fussy about dog cookies, since I started making them homemade dehydrated ones for them.  So I'm always impressed when I'm able to find a cookie they will eat now.  Teddy has been enjoying playing fetch with the Gimme Gummy.  It says it's freezer, oven and dishwasher safe.  Will not be using it as a mold for cookies since it's made in China.  They have yet to try the freeze dried food.  Will update later.  My dogs enjoyed their Barkbox. They give 10% back as a donation to a local shelter or rescue.  If you would like one for your doggie, you can get $5 off by using code "WEWEB057" here. Feel free to leave me comments and follow my blog.  Thanks for reading.  Have a PEACEful Day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social - June 24th 2012

Sunday Social

Now, time for our music-themed questions!
1. What is your all-time favorite song?
Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
It changes from time to time.  Was Lady GaGa and Britney, but burnt out on those songs.  Need some new songs to come out!  

3. What is your theme song/song that best describes your life?  
Wow, that's a really hard question, can't think of one.

4. What songs put you in a good mood?
Currently the soundtrack The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, also do Tracy Anderson's Cardio to this.

5. What is your favorite roadtrip music?
Top Gun Soundtrack

6. What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
Selena Gomez - Love You Like a Love Song

Have a great Sunday, y'all!

Friday, June 22, 2012

BCBGeneration Sale

BCBGeneration is on sale today only at Rue La La!  They have some really pretty handbags!

Little Black Bag Coupon

Get a free item up to $25, use coupon "glitterpick" at Little Black Bag

You can see what I received from LBB below in my first bag from LBB post.  Next bag of goodies I'm working on now.  This website is so much fun to shop at!  Get a bag of fashion & cosmetic items, then trade online with others to assemble your perfect bag of products.  You pick one item on the website, they chose 2 more for you, but with this coupon you receive 3 more and you trade with others.  Each bag contains items from the world's best brands, including Steve Madden, BCBGeneration, Betsey Johnson, Cargo Cosmetics, Badgley Mischika, Kenneth Jay Lane, Disney Couture, Kenneth Cole New York, Melie Bianco, Nila Anthony, RJ Grazino and many more! For only $50! Join the fun today!

Update - see what I purchased with that coupon here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beauty Fix - June 2012

My First Quarterly Beauty Fix Shipment:
Click on photo for enlarged view

Included in my first shipment:

1.  Jonathan Product - Finish Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray, $30.00 value
2.  SpaRitual - Nail Lacquer - Enlightened, $10.00 value
3.  Jonathan Product - Create Smooth Anti-Frizz Volume Serum, $30.00 value
4.  Jonathan Product- Create Motion, $24.00 value
5.  Beautyfix Cylinder Bag, free extra
6.  Philip B. - Chocolate Milk Body Creme, $10 value
7.  Philip B. - Chocolate Milk Body Wash and Bubble Bath, $10 value
8.  Nick Chavez - Amazon Hair Body Building Styling Clay, $26 value
9.  Perricone MD - Nutritive Cleanser, $13.00 value

Beauty Fix is a quarterly subscription for $50. You chose 8 mostly full sized products! I bought this for only $30 with a coupon code and the retail value is over $150! If you would like the coupon, please leave a message with your email address and I'll have one sent to you. Unfortunately, they require the coupon be sent via email and is a unique code for each person, so I can't post a code here.  Also, you will receive $25 of your next $50 order on their website, Dermstore, after you fill out two surveys for the products you receive!  This is an incredible bargain, you should check out their website and see if they have the brands you use or want to try.  Here's one coupon I managed to get for you, $20 off, only 1 person can use: SUSBFINV9120HLZD348

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blissmo Box For Dogs - June 2012

 Outside of box

 Inside of box
 Inside of Box
(click on photos to see enlarged view)
 Leo investigating box
 Leo likes his box
 Leo smells chicken, his favorite cookie flavor!
Info sheet and one other product found in box

This is my first Blissmo box and I must say I am very happy with it!  Leo and Teddy (Malteses) and Issy and Harvey (Shih-Tzus) are very happy with this box also!  I love being able to have dog goodies come via mail, since my wuffies feel left out with all the goodies I receive.  Leo's favorite food is chicken, so he was most interested in the bag of chicken "The Barkers Dozen" cookies.  My dogs are very picky about store bought cookies because I make them home made dog cookies every week.  So these cookies pass the test and that's not easy with my 4 wuffies.  3 of my 4 dogs were able to eat these cookies just as they are, but Leo needed me to break his because it was too hard and big for his little mouth. Here's a list of what was in this box:
  1. The Barkers Dozen - 4 oz bag of organic chicken dog treats
  2. Dura Doggie Design - orange nebo diabetes awareness ball
  3. Puppy Dust - shake on top of food
  4. Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits - soft and chewy chicken cookies
  5. The Honest Kitchen, Embark - dehydrated turkey and veggies, just add water, store and serve
Teddy loves the ball, he's been trying to catch it in the air since it bounces a lot.  The others dogs were interested, but Teddy loves playing fetch the most.  He's been very happy with this ball and playing with it everyday since it arrived.  He actually chose it from his huge box of toys the next day.  The puppy dust isn't as well liked as the other products, my dogs aren't so crazy for products with the peanut butter flavor.  This is a perfect product for those with dogs that need an extra on their food to get them to eat their dinner.  My dogs are already use to getting an extra every night (chicken and chicken broth).  Haven't tried the Embark product yet, but will be great for on top of their dry food for a change and would be great for traveling.  Cloud Star Biscuits use to be a product I purchased until I started making my own cookies, these just don't pass the test anymore.  My dogs just let them sit on the floor and wait till nothing else is around to eat.  Usually Issy eats the leftover cookies that get rejected.    So there you have it, my review.  I will be looking forward to the next box.  Blissmo Box is a monthly subscription service for $19 and they have many different types of boxes.  Sign up now so you can receive next month's box at Blissmo. Please follow my blog or leave a comment.  Have a PEACEful Day!

Custom itouch Case

Just ordered for myself:

Update - received the iPod touch case, read my review here.

Zazzle 50% off device cases plus $10 off!

Device cases are 50% off tonight only, use coupon "CASESUMMERHR" plus get $10 off at Zazzle is the best place to get unique, custom gifts for everyone on your list this year! They have everything you could want from holiday cards and custom postage, to t-shirts, mugs, and smartphone cases to gallery-wrapped canvas and so much more!


SPANX on sale today only at Rue La La

Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Little Black Bag

Here's my 1st Little Black Bag:
Outside of box
Inside of box
#1439 - Betsey Johnson - Cat Drop Earrings
#2104 - Melie Bianco - Foldover Crossbody with Belt
(click on photos to enlarge)
#2104 - Melie Bianco without wrapping
Inside of bag
Betsey Johnson - Cat Drop Earrings

These goodies are from a company called "Little Black Bag".  You chose one item on their website and they chose 2 more items for a total retail value around $130 for only $50.  Then the fun starts, you trade your items in your bag with others for up to 7 days.  Of course, this is optional, but you'll miss the addictive fun trading! You'll see some items being offered for trade that are sold out and weren't on the website when you chose your first item.  You may fall in love with something in someone else's bag and offer them a trade to get it and others will offer you trades.  For instance, I started with earrings that I chose and a cosmetic bag and necklace that they chose for me.  Instantly there were trade offers waiting for me to review.  You either agree to the trade or reject it.  Immediately my cosmetic bag was traded, since I have enough of those already and I liked one of the trade offers.  I traded for a pretty eagle necklace I had not noticed on the website.  The bold modern silver necklace took till the next day to find a good trade, which was a lovely beaded CZ bracelet.  Modern isn't my jewelry style, so I wanted to trade that necklace quick.  I would have been happy with those 3 items and shipped my bag, but I was given the advice to wait out the 7 days.  So then I was offered a really pretty purple handbag with 3D roses on it, I was so thrilled!  Another item I had not noticed on the website.   While the days go by, it's fun to see what others have in their bags and what the ladies are trading.  Then day 7 came along and I looked at the measurements for the earrings I chose and freaked, they were about 1 inch too long, I just prefer earrings 2 1/2" or shorter.  So then it was a mad dash to trade those out before the end of the day when my 7 days of trading was up!  It was exciting and a roller coast ride to see what I could manage to trade within only 7 hours.  I also found out I could get another free item in my bag through, so I had 4 items to trade with.  Well you see what I managed to trade in only 7 short hours above and I'm very happy.  If you divide the $50 in 1/2, the designer handbag (retail $64) and earrings (retail $40) cost me only $25 each!  What a bargain! I would have done better, if I hadn't changed my mind at the very end of trading.  Many ladies come out with more than $130 worth of goodies for only $50.  I highly recommend you look at the measurements in the description box and figure out the longest earrings and biggest or smallest handbag you prefer.  I had been looking at the measurements of the handbags, but forgot about the earrings till the last hours.  Also, if you aren't satisfied in the first 5 days of trading, you can  have that bag deleted.  In addition, they have a money back guarantee.  There are many designer items waiting for you to grab at an incredible bargain. New items are added on Monday, sneak peek on their Facebook page on Sunday. Come trade with me and try Little Black Bag, click here please, so I get a referral credit.  You too can start getting credits after your 1st bag.  Also, be sure to use the coupon "FACEBOOK10" to get 10% off your 1st bag.  Please follow my blog, leave a comment, if you have any questions or comments and have a PEACEful day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Conscious Box June 2012

outside of box view
Box inside a box
Welcome message and info about each product
(click on photo to see a closer view)
Inside the box
Half of the products in the box
Other half of the products in the box

Conscious Box is a monthly sample subscription service, read more about it here.  If you go for one month at a time it's $12 plus $7 shipping, less if you sign up for 3 or 6 months at a time. If you love organic and natural products and like trying new stuff, you will enjoy this service!

Included in this month's box:  
  1. Vita Rocks Lemon Burst - vitamins that pop.
  2. Vita Rocks Cherry Blast - vitamins that pop.
  3. Larabar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  4. Sattva - Cashew Butter
  5. Mighty Leaf Tea - Organic Earl Grey
  6. Mighty Leaf Tea - Organic Spring Jasmine
  7. Life Ocean Salt - Sports Drink
  8. Ko Denmark - Jasmin Neroli Rose Body Lotion
  9. Natural Vitality - Liquid Dietary Supplement for Energy
  10. Maine Cost Sea Vegetables -Kelp Krunch Seaweed Energy Bar
  11. Vega One - All in one nutritional shake vanilla chai
  12. Savvy Boheme - natural deodorant
  13. Natural Newborn - bug stopper soap
  14. EBoost - super berry
This is the first box I have received from them.  The only product in the box I've tried before is the Larabar, but not that flavor.  I look forward to trying them all and determining which ones I will purchase again.  I will be trying the tea and the energy drinks first and I will dare to try the interesting Seaweed Energy Bar!  This is a fun box, but I find the shipping charges are high.  When you break it down, $19 a month and 14 samples, that makes each sample $1.36 which is a good deal.  I will try another month and see how that goes and determine then if I will continue another month.   If you have any questions about the products or the subscription, feel free to drop me a line via the comment box below and please follow my blog.  Have a PEACEful day and thanks for reading my blog.

 & Ashley have started this new Sunday Social link up.
Sunday Social
I'm in desperate need of more followers.  So fingers crossed, hope this helps.  Please follow my blog!  

Here's my answers:

1. How did you come up with your blog name?
Blue Skies refers to not being depressed, no black cloud.
2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Meeting new people and reading their blog & coming across new info that makes life better
3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without?
Currently monthly sample subscriptions, addicted!
4. Facebook or Twitter? And why?
Facebook, twitter is so coded and hard to understand abbreviations
5. If one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be?
Marilyn Monroe, wouldn't that be interesting if she was still alive!
6. What is something you want people to know about your blog?
There are bargains waiting for you, so read it today!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bubbly Nails

Nails polishes used in order
Finished nails next to fabric I was trying to match
Finished Nails
(click on photos to see closer view)

My latest obsession is doing nail tutorials.  This "Bubbly Blue Tutorial" can be found here.  It took an hour just to do the dots.  It's 4 dots of each of the 7 colors.  If I did it again, I'd make sure none of the colors were similar.  The two peach polish dots ran together and looked more like a blob than a dot.  Also did my big toes. What nail tutorial have you tried lately?  Leave me a comment below and please follow my blog.  Update - I received lots of compliments on these nails and they lasted a record 19 days.

Now I Know

Beautiful song, take a moment to listen:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Eyes of Mirabelle Bay

The Eyes of Mirabelle Bay

 by Stephen Patrick Webster

There are currently 35 other songs to listen to, take a moment to listen, please.

Ebates - Save $

I have earned $450.85 since joining ebates several years ago.  I recommend always visiting Ebates and Mr Rebates before shopping online to save lots of money!  Mr. Rebates is my favorite since you can request a check monthly, but sometimes Ebates offers more money back, so I check them both.  If you aren't using these sites you are just throwing money out the window that could be in your pocket, so join today!

Mr. Rebates - Save $

Mr. Rebates

Been using Mr. Rebates for years.  I have saved $905.06 so far!  And that doesn't even include the coupons I have used.  That's simply money back!  Remember to use this service before you buy anything online!  They have coupons and money back, so don't forget! I am so grateful to the person who told me about this fabulous website, so I'm sharing the info with you!



Another find this weekend, is HauteLook.  They have designer fashions and accessories and discounted prices.  Also, cosmetics and things for the home.  Really should check it out to see if you are missing out on some bargains!  Remember when shopping online to always check for coupons and Mr Rebates and Ebates for money back.  Update - I made my 1st purchase, a Betsey Johnson Quilted Love Zip Around Wallet, read my review here.

Shoe Dazzle

Shoe Dazzle

Bargain hunting lately is my latest obsession.  Here's a site I found that is a great find that you might want to check out, it's called Shoe Dazzle.  Post if you love this store, share your experience with me, please :)