Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Joy of a Puppy

Two years since we had a new puppy in the house. Now we have had a new Maltese pup for 5 weeks now, so he is now 13 weeks old. It amazes me everytime we have a puppy in the house how much joy and excitement they have for life! If you are ever down in the dumps, visit a puppy and see that zest for life because it will rub off on you!

Picking a name again so difficult. We have had many dogs so we have run out of our favorite names. I'm not one to pick the same name over. I don't think it's fair to the dog who first had the name. I searched all over the internet & my head and we decided to pick one of the following: Ricky, Desi, Charlie, Dougal, Doogie, Leo, or Frodo. I liked Mr. Smuckers, Twinkie & Furby but those were vetoed by hubby. I always try out the name to see if the pup will approve. Well the only one he approved of was Leo and he learned quickly to come to that name when called. Full name "Teddy's Little Leo". Our other Maltese, Teddy, immediately fell in love with him when he arrived and decided to be his adopted Daddy! He dotes over him like Leo is his own puppy. Always keeping an eye on his safety and sleeping, eating, playing with him. So since Ted decided Leo was his pup, we named Leo "Teddy's Little Leo".  Update - his official name is "Mr. Leo Frankie Rubles", aka Mr. Rubles, Leo, Frankie, and Big Nose Bear.  Also, he has a song, and it goes "Big Nose Bear, Big Nose Bear, everyone loves the big nose bear, big nose bear."

Puppy Kisses,


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